Thursday, July 09, 2009

Extreme Amusement

Those of you who have been reading this for the past several months know that from time to time I've posted the often-bizarre job listings I've encountered during my lengthy search.

Today's laugh is a job for a receptionist. Naturally, it wasn't posted as such, instead it was listed as one of the most deviously clever euphemisms I have ever heard. The phrase used instead was "Director of First Impressions". I'm not sure who they were trying to impress--the potential applicant or the boss of the company.


Karlo said...

And who's job is it to make up the euphemisms? It's funny how everyone gets to be the director of something. I feel sorry for the poor guy who's the only in the company being directed around all day.

jadedj said...

You gotta love the corporate brain.

Anonymous said...

And I AM a receptionist!

Do I get the six figure salary that I should think goes with a fancy title like that?

Hell no!