Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Unpleasant Reality

Rules of Life

1. Wealth and power grant a person the ability to be taken seriously.
2. Small potatoes will always be taken advantage of.

My apologies. I'm a bit peeved at the moment. Comrade Kevin was a victim of identity theft back in August. Someone hacked into his checking account and after doing so, rang up charges at an Atlanta area strip club and a gas station. Either his card was stolen from the mailbox of the apartment where he once lived... or someone hacked into his account via the internet. The latter scenario is more likely.

I hope this someone enjoyed the two lap dances as well as the pack of cigarettes.

Four months later, my former bank wrote to tell me that yes, I was not responsible for those charges. No shit, Sherlock. That's what I said. I resent that it took you four months to discover the obvious.

However, the letter informed me, I would still be responsible for the overdraft charges that resulted from this "error". Need I remind you that the only reason the overdrafts happened in the first place are because of the identity theft. That's like saying, well, we realize that you weren't at fault for being hit by a car, but the impact of your body hitting the car caused some damage so we're taking that money out of your account to cover the expense. Absolutely ridiculous. This is when I really become Comrade Kevin. More like Communist Kevin.

If I had more money, I could threaten the bank with a lawsuit. If I had a big enough account, I could threaten to close my account and go to another bank, and I bet this matter would be dealt with in about two seconds. But since I have a small account, they can pull this kind of shit.

I know money isn't everything, but at times like this, it'd be a big help.

I think I wanna be rich now. Anyone want to contribute to my fund?

The Comrade Kevin Wants to Have Money and Influence Fund.

*Don't worry. Comrade Kevin would an enlightened despot.

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