Saturday, November 03, 2007

Alabama Man!

File under wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sadly, there are grains of truth to this.

As Chris Rock pointed out, most people in America are poor-ass white people living in trailers, eating mayonnaise sandwiches, listening to John Cougar Mellancamp albums.

So this could be America Man.


FranIAm said...

How about very fucking wrong?


Boxer rebel said...

Now that was funny right thair. It was fucking wrong, but so funny it don't matter none (as Alabama man would say).

Comrade Kevin said...

I daresay my friend Boxer Rebel, as a native of North Carolina, understands this better than a non-native Southerner would.

He and I can take this with a sense of irony.

Boxer rebel said...

Ck I am not a native of NC. I am actually a yankee, I was born in PA and moved here only four years ago. But thanks for the compliment and I truly believe that I am a Southerner at heart and just didn't know it till I moved here for the first time, my freshman year in college after which I moved back north, but knew I was born to live in the South, so not a native, but I feel like I get it sometimes.

Distributorcap said...

sadly alabama also lives in blue state NE as well

it was funny (and sad) at the same time