Saturday, November 17, 2007

El Vomito

Those of you who were alive then... were the 1960s really like this?

If so, I can see why it failed.

Methinks you were taking yourselves A LITTLE BIT too seriously.

Now we're all just tourists.


FranIAm said...

Old crank alert.

First of all, I should say busy old crank, I have hardly read a blog all week.

Second of all, glad this was one of my first stops. That said...

I am not sure that what seems to be folks taking themselves too seriously will be that different in 40 years when we see other generations represented so.

That is, if any of us are left in 40 years.

Dismal - I know, it is where I am at today.

Those were funny times. I was just a kid but experiencing things like the 60's, Woodstock, hippies and so forth, through the lens of a camera and by observation, influenced me profoundly.

So it is weird- like anything, to look back at. But it was what it was and I think it was a type of idealism. And a lot of drugs.

Old crank signing off...

Kevin Hayden said...

I was 15 so I can't describe what my slightly older peers were feeling exactly, but with 600,000 troops in Vietnam, every young male feeling threatened by the draft, and a pervading sense of craziness and doom in the air, I'm guessing it wasn't like we thought we had all the answers. So I don't think it was so much narcissistic as it was a sense of escaping the fatalistic, in any way we could.

Serious? Sure. Every day, another 70 or 80 people were dying and most everyone knew some of the dead or some of the drafted. It was a very scary time and gathering in crowds gave a sense we might avoid or somehow stop the insanity.