Monday, November 05, 2007

Ex-People Talk

Here's how conversations with Exs would go if we were a bit more
honest with each other.

CK: Fucking shame we had to make eye contact with each other.

EX: I know. Every time we bump into each other we kind of fall into
this groove of pretending we like each other.

CK: Together we sort of surf the waves of social paranoia, don't we?

EX: Let's pretend we didn't see each other next time, okay?

CK: I think it's time for your Houdini impression, whatd'ya say?

EX: Sounds good. So, I'm going to get a drink from the bar.

CK: And you're with friends, right?

EX: Look forward to seeing you!

CK: Yeah, like an illness.

EX: Don't get run over, k? *smiles*

CK: Die!

EX: Die!

EX: *turns away* Wanker.

CK: Wanker.

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TheCunningRunt said...

(...did I accidentally leave my cell phone on, or what??...)