Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Many in the World Hate America

We've done this to ourselves. Now let us resolve to fix it.

The British are pulling their troops out. The Iraqi government doesn't want our troops there.

Rather than jumping on our high horse, we must listen to reason and listen to their side.

We should not deceive ourselves about the opinions of other people. While we see ourselves as morally sound and regard our good fortune as the natural and just reward for our soundness, these views are not shared by large numbers of many people in the world.

They look on our great wealth not as the reward of our virtue, but as proof of our wickedness, as evidence of the ruthless exploitation, not only of our own working people but of themselves.

For great masses of people live in abject poverty and know nothing firsthand of our system or of industrialism of any kind are easily persuaded that their misery is due to capitalist exploitation rather than to the shortcomings of their own economies.

Hundreds of millions, if not billions of these people are taught to believe that we are wicked, arrogant, brutal, immoral, and ruthless.

Our current leadership in Washington is partially to blame for all this.

And when we hear faint echoes of the same propaganda from our own allies, particularly the British and the Iraqi government, who no longer share our devotion to troop surge, our indignation turns to a sort of outrage.


Anonymous said...

so the fact a vitriolic, fascist strand of Islam is in the ascendancy is nothing to do with it?

What strange allies the liberal left have these days.

Comrade Kevin said...


I am inclined to believe that the 11 September incident was manufactured by the current persons in charge. Or if not created directly, was allowed to happen.

No one doubts that a fascist strand of Islam is in power in Iran.

But who do we have to blame for that?

Ourselves. And only ourselves.

Will said...

We have "only ourselves" to blame for fascist Islam in Iran??? Explain that for me. That's like blaming a rape on the rapist's mother.

Comrade Kevin said...

Iran was not as militant and fascist. They had a moderate government until our ill-fated excusion into Iraq-- until we butted out heads into the middle of their region.

And it's not like American has been lily white up till this point in time.

I see it as a case of chickens coming home to roost. We have exploited generation of people all over the world for our own selfish gain.

And in life, there are consequences.