Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting the Word Out

What’s holding us--Unitarians, Post-Christians, Religious Liberals---however we choose to denote ourselves-- back is what holds back a lot of very smart people.

We compartmentalize ourselves beyond all recognition.

We assign such pedantry to rudimentary concepts that it just divides us and cuts us off from each other.

It’s nice that we can speak in words of more than three syllables, and it’s nice that we can identify things as Christian or Post-Christian or Post Toasties.

Academia suffers from the same thing. How do you get this concept, which is, I must admit–quite abstract, around to most people?

Most people in AMERICA (much less the world) don’t have college degrees. They’ve never set foot in a college classroom. How do you get them to know that Unitarian Universalism or Post-this, post-that is for them?

Meanwhile why we intelligent folk spin this and spin that, let me pose this question for you:

Could there be a Unitarian Universalist out there who just doesn’t know he/she has a home for them?

Do we want to, dare I say, evangelize—or does the mere thought of it send such a chill through our bones that we think this ought to be like the Masons?

I think not.

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