Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Death of Unions

People are growing away, more and more, from an industrial economy to an information based economy.

People who are able to utilize the awesome power of this new medium will make money. This economy is going through a massive quantum leap and where it will go is merely speculation.

I applaud the efforts of those who wish WalMart to be kept accountable for its actions
, but unions are sick and dying fast. The Union I was involved with at Cingular was toothless. Clearly, needed reforms should be implemented.

The Taft-Hartley Act might be repealed by a Democratic president, but it will be a challenge. We are moving more to the era of the independent contractor rather than the collective workplace.

Anything collective is moving overseas or has already done so.

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Blue Gal said...

"Clearly, needed reforms should be implemented."

What's this passive voice crap? Who's writing this, some bullshit technical writer, or a REVOLUTIONARY?

Get with it, Kevin.

SEIU is the fastest growing union in the country and corporations are spending hundreds of millions to fight them. The revolution is going to start with hotel workers and garbage men. Because we fat lazy white Americans cannot do without them. Our cushy lives will be messy if they don't work.

Rev-o-lu-tion, Kevin. Rev-o-lu-tion.

And you got out of Cingular Fucking Wireless with your soul intact. Consider yourself lucky (and get a real job.)

Love, Blue Gal