Saturday, February 10, 2007

Challenges to Small Group Ministry

Arguing with a Unitarian is like mud-wrestling a pig. Pretty soon you realize the pig likes it.

I'm sure you're well aware of how independent each individual UUA congregation, fellowship, or church is.

And small group ministry is certainly the way to grow churches. But we must get aware from our fear of anything that smacks of Fundamentalism and in particular, the negative experiences we may or may not have had from it.

We break down thusly:

1. Converts from Traditional Christianity
2. Born Unitarian Universalists

Thus we have two different schools of thought and modicums of expression. This is something that we have yet to reconcile fully within ourselves.

I must admit that my suspicion is that each small group model will have to be tailor-fit towards each one. Each has its own dynamic, macro/microcosm. Each has its own hierarchy. And by one, I mean each individual congregation as well as the born/convert divide.

I think of the UUA as a loose association, rather like a confederation than a union. It is tough to get UUs to agree to much of anything. And it is even tougher to define anything concrete rather than highly subjective and highly abstract to most churchgoers.

What are we? Do we even know?

Or does it depend?

And on what?

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