Monday, February 26, 2007

new poem i've written

when I view your face

you must understand
I'm normally good with faces

it's kept me out of more
than a few bar fights before

(and less than a few bad

I see trusting naively
stoically posing
performing with blind devotion

but your face is more
than just firm

your features
more than total command

there's something
inauthentic about your story.

there's something
inauthentic about your face.

even during
the physical act of love

your eyes
betrayed your best attempts

you gulped like a fish
you thrashed

in innumerable pictures
you showed me

in stories you told me

of gay boyfriends
and liquor drinking partners
and potential presidential candidates' affections

and stories
I grew tired of hearing
within the first two months

you don't give much away
rest assured,
I am impressed.

there's another thing
(why do
I ever question anymore?)

something doesn't quite add up
some question left unanswered

the main one
(maybe you will someday)

why you skipped down the aisle

knowing full well
you were making

a mistake.

(I know
but you must know
for yourself)

------6 to 26 February 2007.

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