Sunday, September 17, 2006

Strange Bedfellows

This is the famous David Low cartoon from 1939, written after the Soviet Nonaggression pact was signed between Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.

Both Hitler and Stalin are bowing over the corpse of Poland.

Hitler bows and says, "The scum of the earth, I believe?"

Stalin returns the bow. "The bloody assassin of the workers, I believe?"

My mind often shifts to this image when I hear how this country has formed dubious alliances with other countries.

This week, NPR ran a series of vignettes profiling the governments of the major South American countries. I was reminded again how the USA has poked its nose into the affairs of Latin America under the pretext of being "Good Neighborly".

Politics do make strange bedfellows, particularly when our "interests" are at stake.

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