Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Word of Thanks

Thanks to all those who have left encouraging comments and wished me a happy birthday. I really do have the best readers in the world. I think I'll have some time this week to check out just about everyone's blog. It takes, as I'm sure you understand, several days to get used to new surroundings.

To provide you a bit of context, I decided to undergo this treatment about six months ago, immediately after having an awful manic episode. When my head began to clear and I realized how destructive I had been, I knew I needed to make arrangements to ensure that something that bad never happened again. At the moment I'm at the evaluation phase, meaning that they're in the process of determining which medications would be best suited to treat my symptoms. I'll talk about this more in detail when I know more.

And on that note, dinner has arrived. I hope everyone has a good week!


Mauigirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope your evaluation goes well and that this treatment helps. Thinking of you!

FranIAm said...

I am so glad that you are doing this and continue to hold you in the light and send you every good thought... birthday and everyday!

Gail said...

Hi Kevin -

"thank you" for your kind words on my blog about Kyle.

The evaluation phase is always the hardest part. I admire your commitment to your wellness. It is a gripping disorder that tosses those with it into extremes, as you know. I am sending all positive thought not only to you but to those determining what will be most effective.

Meanwhile, sing me a song. You are amazing!


Comrade Kevin said...


Since I don't have access to a digital camera, I'm afraid new songs will have to wait until I'm back home! It could be several months.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin-

I kinda figured that. but sing anyways. I will feel good just knowing that you are singing and I know it is a passion of yours so it is a "win-win" either way. :-)