Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vice-Presidential Debates, Then and Now

Vice-Presidential Debates have been relatively sedate affairs, though there have been a few notable contests over the years. Here are the highlights.


Darth Cheney cravenly lying like usual.


As if it needed to be confirmed, here we see just how much of a geek Al Gore is. I remember watching this at the time and cringing.


Here is Dan Quayle in all his awkward glory.

And Admiral James Stockdale, whose senile performance was much lampooned in the media afterward.


This is the best known Vice Presidential Debate Moment. Sadly, it didn't redeem Michael Dukakis.


Geraldine Ferraro strikes a blow for second-wave feminists. But it was not enough to redeem Walter Mondale's floundering campaign.

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