Sunday, October 12, 2008


Liberality tagged me with one of those fun answer-the-question memes, so I shall respond.

1. Clothes Shop: The thrift store, at times. Often what is on sale at a decent department store. I'm not particularly interested in clothes or fashion, though women I have dated have from time to time sought to dress me rather nattily in peak fashion.

2. Furniture Shop: I care even less about furniture than I do about clothes.

3. Sweet: I enjoy chocolate, but I also enjoy citrus flavors, lemon, lime, and orange particularly.

4. City: Birmingham, which is what it is. It's the bluest, most culturally diverse city in a state that is not particularly blessed by sophistication or liberalism. I really could have it much worse.

5. Drink: I can't drink anymore due to my meds. Fruit juices, particularly cranberry has been my most frequent drink of choice. And milk, of course. I love milk.

6. Music: My music tastes are very specific and very broad at the same time. I'm picky. I enjoy music from a variety of genres, with the exception of country, rap, and what passes for alternative music these days.

7. TV Series: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I'm not a big TV person.

8. Film: Silent film, art film, and most stuff you're not going to be able to buy at a store, rent, or borrow from the library. I'm a bit of an amateur film critic, as regular readers of this blog can vouch for.

9. Workout: Like many people, I don't exercise enough. I hate exercise, actually, and I don't have enough money to go to a gym or do anything like yoga. So that's certainly an area of my life that needs some work.

10: Pastries: I've been trying to limit my intake of pastries recently in an effort to fit into most of my long pants so that I don't have to go buy more. Now that it's fall, shorts weather is over.

11. Coffee: I'm not really a coffee aesthete as some are, but there's a local store here called O'Henry's who roast their own beans and have started selling them whole bean in the store. The house blend is $10 a pound but occasionally I can splurge and buy one.


Liberality said...

Actually, I would like to watch most of the films you review because you make them sound so interesting. I like foreign films and "art" type films. I generally hate Hollywood stuff.

Utah Savage said...

Nicely done Comrade. I see that following Randal's lead when he tossed this meme to me was a bad idea. I missed several steps. Glad you got it from a woman who does things correctly.