Friday, October 03, 2008

It's So Cold in Alaska

Stephanie says
      that she wants to know
Why she's given half her life
to people she hates now

Stephanie says
when answering the phone
What country shall I say is calling
from across the world?

But she's not afraid to die
the people all call her Alaska
Between worlds so the people ask her

'Cause it's all in her mind
it's all in her mind
They're asking is it good or bad?
       It's such an icy feeling

It's so cold in Alaska
it's so cold in Alaska
It's so cold in Alaska


Utah Savage said...

It might very well be so cold in Sarah's heart. If she wants to deny women basic human and civil rights, if she wants rape victims to pay for their own rape kits, then how much does she hate herself? No equal pay for equal work? How little does she value herself and her daughters? It must be very cold in Alaska.

Utah Savage said...

I forgot to mention the singer and his lovely voice, his sweetness, the melody. I may be too close to the politics of now, but I hear or read "Alaska" and "cold" and I think of Sarah's heart, her family, her sold soul, and think, not how cold it is in Alaska, but Sarah's heart.

Gail said...

Hi Kevin-

Great, great song and sound. I like your style.

I too was connecting the Alaska image to Sarah. I find her cold as well. And maybe this is an odd observation, but when a person is running for V P of the good ole U S of A, words like 'doggone' and 'heck' all mixed up with the occasional "wink", left me feeling like I would probably like to have her on my 'Country Line Dance' team while throwing back a few shots of "Jack" and picking up guys for the night. I wouldn't be looking to her to lead me to the next level or chapter of anything in my life. But that's just my opinion.