Monday, October 13, 2008

I Ain't Gonna Leave You Behind

Hey, where you're going
it's hard to tell

You know that that road leads straight to hell
Start where you finish, end up dead

With brain cells diminished and underfed

If you're gonna leave me behind
You don't have to talk so kind
If you think I'm gonna lay down and die
Baby, you're out of your mind

Hey, what you doing in your head
You locked all your thoughts in a box of lead

Life will be better just wait and see
Just give me the word and I'll set you free

But I ain't gonna leave you behind
Alone in this life so unkind

If you think I'll let you lay down and die
Baby, you're out of your mind


Gail said...

I enjoyed this one too. And whistling, 'in tune' is no easy task. You were amazing.

Have a peaceful and kind day.


Comrade Kevin said...

I see the sort of songs you like now. :-)

I wish you well, too, Gail.

Utah Savage said...

You are so incredibly talented. This should tickle you, I'm hoping, but for ages I thought you were a woman and the guy playing the songs he wrote was your friend, boyfriend, husband. So I hope you enjoy the fact that you have completely bamboozled on more crazy old lady along your path through life. Still Comrade, I'd follow you anywhere, but now you seem more Pan than revolutionary.

Comrade Kevin said...

Utah Savage,

Thanks for your thoughts. :)

Months before we started leaving comments on each other's sites I explained why I use the icon of a woman. She is a silent movie actress, very obscure, named Olive Thomas, formerly Olive Duffy. Since we were both raised in tight-knit clannish Irish families, I adopted her for my icon and as my avatar.

And I guess I'm enough of a feminist that I enjoy subverting gender roles by using a woman to represent me online.