Monday, May 13, 2013

Hunt You Down

While I'm dealing with something else more pressing today, I'd like to share with you a recently released song. Written by Sara Curtin of the DC-based folk/pop group The Sweater Set, this is Sara's love letter to dating in NYC.

Some months ago, I posted about the difficulties for straight women in finding available men in large cities. For those who may have disagreed with my conclusions, this song is my answer.

Click this link to hear the song. You'll have to download it first to listen. All credit due to Sara and The Sweater Set.

If you don't
Return my phone call
If I don't hear
That ringing sound

Then get to end this
like it needs to be ended, baby

I will hunt you down
I'll hunt you down

I know you see my
Chef knife collection

Hanging along my kitchen wall
I heard it's not that hard to get
a 9 millimeter, baby

We live in New York City
After all

And you should have seen it coming
When you started seeing me

A single girl
Can turn in an instant
From a butterfly
to a bee

Holed up in my jail cell
I'll be laughing

Thinking about what I've done

And how you could have
easily avoided it, baby

If you had just picked up
the goddamn phone.  

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