Friday, May 03, 2013


The work of erotica I wrote a couple weeks ago has been deemed worthy of a second chapter. Before all was said and done, I received nearly 19,000 hits. Not bad for a first attempt. This time, I've taken into account the views of the commentariat and have extended the length of the second section by roughly 500 words.

The key with erotica is to balance exposition with the sexual details, which is, of course, why everyone reads erotica in the first place. The old writing adage of write what you know has come in handy here. I'd be a lousy erotica writer if I hadn't had some life experience. As it stands now, my main characters are a composite of at least five people I know well, including myself. My foremost wish is that the autobiographical details will make the narrative much more believable and convincing.

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