Sunday, November 15, 2009

That Which Needs to Be Said

Blue Gal's post about content poaching raises a serious issue that has created headaches and indignation across the blogsophere. With so many worthy voices in the blogsophere churning out quality work on a consistent basis, larger sites, entities, or individuals apparently feel no remorse in resorting to overt plagiarism or lifting visual content without the permission or consent of the author or authors. Citizen journalists like myself and others consider blogging a labor of love and as such they offer their services largely for free. The major issue at play is that blogging, much like writing, is a supremely competitive endeavor that stems from lots of people fighting over the same turf, commenting on the same issues, and seeking to attain paid positions, which are not and may never be plentiful.

In solidarity with Blue Gal and other sites like it, I have followed her example and posted a donation button at the bottom of this post. Those who feel inclined or so moved can signify their support by contributing. No gift is too big or too small and participation is, of course, strictly voluntary. It is my wish that those bloggers of general sympathy consider this same gesture.


Life As I Know It Now said...

I don't write for money. I write for myself.

On another note: This farce called the health care bill has completely done me in I must say. There is no limit on what society will do to control women at all times. Religion is leading us back to another dark age...

Comrade Kevin said...

Religion as perverted by one group of people, yes. One finds that everywhere, sadly.

PENolan said...

I never had any hopes of blogging for cash. I'm pretty sure I blog for attention, so as long as who ever lifts my stuff gives me the link - I'm a happy camper.

There are stories I don't tell on the internet because I want to sell them. Maybe I'll make fifty bucks one day.

I recognize that there are professional journalists and photographers out there, however, who are getting screwed.

The health care/gay marriage/endless war thing has gotten me down, too - which is why in these darkening times, folks like us have to support each other and keep faith in a brighter tomorrow.

Shine On, Comrade.