Friday, November 20, 2009

My Five Seconds of Fame

As regular readers are aware, I have been posting iReports to CNN for the past several months. Six or seven of them have ended up on air. A recent assignment asked for those willing to record an video for those who had lost either family members or friends to suicide. I obliged and was contacted by a reporter who asked more about the situation and more about my own life story.


After suicide takes their loved ones, survivors find purpose, the story can be found here.

According to the reporter who wrote it, the response has already been well-received. Whatever I can do to decrease the stigma of mental illness, I will do gladly.


Gail said...


And so you should be on air - I have been saying it for a long time - your writing and intelligence and awareness and well stated opinions deserve "AIR" time. I am thrilled for you and it is so well deserved.

Love Gail

Karlo said...

Way to go!