Friday, August 14, 2009

A Short, But Important Entry

My Republican congressman, Spencer Bachus, will beholding a Health Care Town Forum on Monday night, 17 August. I will be in attendance to counter-balance the loonies and the well-meaning conservatives. Unsurprisingly, the town hall will be held in a very affluent part of town, meaning that the people who turn out will be predominately well-heeled and good, solid, reliable GOP voters. Certainly the poor and the low-income residents should have absolutely no say in their matters, because we all know this doesn't apply to them one bit. Hence another reason I intend to show up for the event. I already know what I'm going to ask and I already know what I plan to bring up to make my point.

My only real fear is that there will be so many people who wish to talk that they will end up restricting slots to those who draw a certain lottery number or will adopt some other method of regulating the right to speak to the lucky alone. I will, of course, blog about the experience and my observations of said experience the next day. I don't really expect to encounter many gun-totin' crazies but I do expect to see a frustrating number of Republicans spouting distortions, rumors, and ancient talking points. And I also expect to hear the same ideological points of view that I have never agreed with and wish I could change.


Gail said...

Hi Kevin-
oh this is SO exciting. I love your "hutspa"!!!

I will be anxiously waiting to read every detail.
I am rooting for you

Love Gail

jadedj said...

You go man! Although, maybe you should consider packing a rod...know what I mean?

Definitely kidding, Kevin.

Can't wait to hear your report.

CeeJay said...

Glad to hear that you will be there to rationally discuss the topic. Good to have a rational person interested in fixing the problem in the midst of the insanity that this topic has brought forth. I wish I had a town hall to attend. I would like to ask one of those interested in saving the status quo what the future cost of that will be and how they will ration care for the elderly when the debt has grown so large that china won't lend the US government anymore money. Looking forward to your report. Hope you get to ask a question!