Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In Which I Embrace My Feminine Side with Gladness

I have won the Sisterhood Award from Ms. PE Nolan of Menopausal Stoners. I accept with gratitude, since I consider her to be the older sister I never had.

I'd also like to thank Utah Savage, while I'm at it, for including me as one of her favorite men. She is one of my favorite women, as well.


PENolan said...

Comrade - both Utah and I are from perverted, dysfunctional families in Nofuckingwhere, Texas. We're both Geminis. We've both been diagnosed bi-polar and now we're both in the same post of yours. Coincidence?

Utah Savage said...

I think not. PENolan and I are soul sisters. You are one of us. Embrace it. It's nice to have savvy older sisters.

my word verification word is shtfu--what pops immediately into my disordered mind? Shit fuck!

Liberality said...


Comrade Kevin said...


You're one of my favorite women, too!

PENolan said...

Utah, Liberality and I look remarkably like the three witches in McBeth. Oddly, that seems like a safe place for a fellow to land.