Thursday, March 19, 2009

*Does the Happy Dance*

Dear Six-Word Memoirist,

You're getting this email because we're working on our next book of Six-Word Memoirs, and we like [at least one of] yours a lot.

Thanks for sharing your stories!
-Rachel Fershleiser
(six-word memoir co-editor)

I'm a finalist!

In other news:

I'm not sure what to add to the AIG shitstorm that hasn't been said a million times better by someone else. Due to medication side-effects, my stamina for intellectual pursuits is not what it normally is. Rather than fighting against it and likely drafting something sub-par and full of grammatical errors, it's best to wait until I am more like my old self.


Gail said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!! That's me cheering, pom poms and all!!

"Go Kevin, go Kevin , - Give me a "K, give me an "E", give me a "V", give me an "I", give me an "N", - what's it spell,, "KEVIN"!!!!!!!!

Love Gail

Dr. Zaius said...

I keep trying to return to my former self, but I keep turning into my future self! It's very annoying.

Lisa said...

How cool for you on the memoir! And you know what - thank you for not blogging about AIG. I need a break from it.

Utah Savage said...

Congrats, Kevin. My rejection turns into your acceptance. Can't say I'm without envy, but that will pass. I am delighted for you. Give us more details after you get through dancing.