Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bristol Palin Doesn't Regret Having Child

Sure you didn't, Ms. Palin. I mean, what average teenager doesn't regret her out-of-wedlock baby with a self-proclaimed "fucking redneck"? Everyone knows the brain doesn't fully develop until the early twenties, making teenagers capable of ill-thought out decisions like getting a lip ring, drinking most of a bottle of vodka, or popping out a kid. I ask you as well, does baby-sitting qualify as experience raising a child? To me, that's kind of like saying someone is qualified to be a parent based on the fact they minded their sister's child for three hours on weekends. Not the same.

Whether you intended it to or not, your pregnancy became a political football. It is admirable that you say you will speak out against teen pregnancy in ways your mother won't for fear of angering the conservative base of the Republican party, but do know this. You are very fortunate to have the economic well-being to at least have the tools to raise this child properly. Most out-of-wedlock teen mothers do not have a support network nor the money to be an effective parent and the end results, predictably, are almost always unfortunate. You seem to be a shy, sweet girl who got into an unfortunate situation. Since I think of parenthood as something best managed by those a few years older and with a few years extra life experience under their belts, that's why it's easy for me to be skeptical of your abilities in the motherhood department. You just haven't lived long enough.

The delusion of abstaining from sex as an effective form of birth control is the real loser here. It doesn't work and it never will. Any political party who would advance wishful thinking in its public face and then behind closed doors acknowledge that responsible sexual conduct is probably the best option to avoid unwanted pregnancy is catering to a kind of cultural schizophrenia that absolutely astonishes me.


Lisa said...

I'd love to put this idea of abstinence only propaganda to rest. It's not education. It's denial of human nature.

PENolan said...

Delusional thinking runs in the Palin family. As much as having a baby may have changed her plans for her life, though, that child brings his (her? I don't know) own gifts to the world now that s/he's here. And plenty of people in their 30's and 40's with resources are solid fucked up parents. No guarantees in this life - except that if you're young and fertile, and have sex without using birth control, you'll get pregnant. Duh.

Tracie "Red" Holladay said...

PENolan: Bristol's wee bundle of joy is a boy. His name, in true Palin tradition for unusual boys names beginning with T, is Tripp.