Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Up The Mountain

Two blessed days of sleep later, I feel a million times better. As soon as community meeting concludes, I will head back out into DC and visit one of the few remaining museums and historical houses I have not seen. Tonight I will brave my anxieties and read my poetry in front of a hopefully understanding audience at a trendy restaurant downtown. Likely I will post about my experiences here tomorrow.

Though I am improved, I'm still not filled with the concentration or focus to set forth a decent post, so I'll conclude. Enjoy the bizarre Lou Reed interview.

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darkblack said...

Talk about smart-ass answers to oft-heard questions. 'High on life'...Oh, of course, Lou. Nobody would ever suspect someone who made a 'habit' (Whoops! How untoward of me) of tying off onstage to be anything but straight edge.

No doubt a relaxing nature walk in Alphabet City was to follow, catching up with old friends one might meet on the corner.