Sunday, January 04, 2009

Descending Slightly

The lack of sleep did make me crabbier than usual. Suzi Riot, I owe you an apology. I got some sleep last night and I hope the trend continues. Six days of no sleep will make anyone crazy---that's why it's a torture technique.

Quite honestly, I'm not used to it when I'm ambushed by someone trying to humiliate me and I wasn't exactly in the right frame of mind to be utterly blindsided. I really don't want to talk about it any longer. All it does is keep me upset and right now trying to stay calm is my primary motive. As of right now, I think I'm going to be okay. Tomorrow is rounds with all the doctors and the combined staff, then I have two days of neuro-psych testing. Hopefully this week will be nothing like last week.

PENolan, I think I may not need to flee the coop quite so soon. It looks as thought the worst has passed. It will be fun to visit someday, though. :-)


Liberality said...

Kevin I just want to say that I am so sorry you had a bad week. I think sleeping will make you feel better. I want to tell you not to let it get to you what other bloggers write but that is really easy for me to say isn't it?

Utah Savage said...

Kevin, you sound better. I'm sleepless now, so writing this up in the middle of the night. You are stronger than you might think.

Be sure and let them know how difficult it was spending Christmas sleepless with the alcoholics.

I've been thinking of you often. What you're doing seems very brave to me.

PENolan said...

Dang! I never got to bust anybody out of anywhere in Washington DC. It would have been a creative challenge. Imagine us in the Get Away Subaru with the "Why Not Kinky?" bumper sticker (That's Kinky Friedman for Texas Governor).

I'm glad you're better.

PENolan said...

Call me Trish or Tricia - it's my real name