Saturday, August 06, 2011

Dealing With Obama Fatigue

For months, formally enthusiastic supporters of Barack Obama have sought to assuage their disappointment by means of deft explanation. The truth is that no compelling explanation or description for Obama’s numerous successes and failures in office has yet been proposed and adopted wholesale. The narrative and trajectory of the Obama Administration remains a mystery. Evident with both critics and apologetics alike, those who seek to make sense of it all have consistently tried and failed.

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Vol-E said...

I think over the last 30-40 years there's been a tendency to rush history and over-analyze individual events for their historical value. This is a consequence of the 24-hour ubiquitous news cycle. No wonder we're all having nervous breakdowns, thinking the world could end at any moment. Lately, when people say the world could end, my silent rejoinder is No such luck.

Obama may turn out to be the most awesome president we've ever had (viewed through the distant lens of history), or the worst, or somewhere in between. We CAN'T evaluate the sum total of his presidency in real time. We really need to stop trying to.