Friday, May 29, 2009

Good Riddance, Hummer

With the impending bankruptcy of GM will come the end of the wasteful, ostentatious, gas guzzling, environmentally unhealthy monstrosity of consumer culture called the Hummer. The brand could conceivably be sold to another company, but I doubt any other automaker would wish to take a chance on it, mainly because it's highly likely that gas prices will spike again in the future. Not only that, with the rise of climate change awareness among the public and arrival of more environmentally conscious car choices, vehicles like the Hummer will become even less, not more, commercially viable. I believe this to be a good thing for everyone.

So for those of us who always decried the mentality of some who seemed to believe that having enough wealth, or status, or possessions somehow justified owning something this thoroughly disgusting, may I be one among many to follow by saying, "Goodbye and Good Riddance!"


Karlo said...

Not to mention the fact that these monstrosities aren't able to stay in a single lane on the road. Good riddance!

Punch said...

shake the dust.

PENolan said...

So - You've got a romantic weekend with your girl friend planned, you've posted a clever video about birth control and now you've got a HUMMER on your mind?

Have a great time!

Comrade Kevin said...


Welcome to the site!


How you all tease me. And yes, it will be "romantic" in every conceivable way. The odd thing is that she's way more sexually inclined than me, which I didn't think was possible. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ach, Kevin, you and so many other men would be SHOCKED I tell you, if you knew just how often women think about and desire sex.

We just don't let on about it.

:slaps hand on mouth:

I'm giving away trade secrets now. Not cool. LOL!

RE: bye-bye Hummer