Thursday, August 28, 2008

People With No Sense of Irony

One certainly can't please everyone.

What I find indicative of this phenomenon is that a harmless one-liner, amusing to most, was decried as racist by an anonymous commenter earlier today.

These are the same kind of hate-mongering, pathetic individuals who routinely spew venom, bile, and anger on Kos. Their desire to be patently offensive, boorish, and destructive towards anyone who disagrees with them reflects poorly upon the entire blogsophere.

I made a big deal out of this because this phenomenon occurs all too frequently in activist circles. We're the only ones who can stop it.


ellroon said...

(psst.. second link is broken. Seems to have an extra http thingie in it.)

It was a harmless one-liner and I found it very funny. And somewhat embarrassing... because it's true.

Which makes me very grateful that YouTube did not exist when I was in my dancing days....

PENolan said...

No sense of irony
No sense of humor
Take their own selves too dang seriously
Sanctimonious, and often woefully under-informed.

I can go on and on because I'm surrounded by folks who fit this description here in New York City. At least in Texas, we can shoot 'em if we feel we're threatened ;)