Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Song

Television grew out of the CBGB's New York late 70's scene, the same one that spawned Blondie, The Ramones, and Pattie Smith. Though largely unknown in the United States, they found massive chart success in the UK. Fusing together punk and minimalist new wave, Television pointed the way to post-punk, alternative, and beyond. Verlaine described their sound as a rawer, more punk-oriented Moby Grape

Guitarists Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd* played sparse, interlocking, jerky parts, defying the convention of a true "rhythm" or "lead" guitarist. Never is this more in evidence then in the title track of their best album, Marquee Moon. The Velvet Underground influence is pronounced as is the impact of Krautrock groups like Kraftwerk and Neu!.

*Thanks to an astute reader for the correction!

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Russell said...

Hi There. Just wanted to let you know that the guitarist you refer to is not Richard hell (who was the founding bass player for Television) but Richard Lloyd who was always the second or co-lead/rhythm guitarist for Television, musical foil for Tom Verlaine. Lloyd, on this track, in fact takes the first break solo on this song with Verlaine doing the other lead parts. Hell left the band before the recording of Marquee Moon, bass duties performed melodically by Fred Smith, formerly of Blondie.