Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pulp McCain

As seen everywhere.

*I probably should have prefaced my posting of this by saying that I don't agree at all with the presentation, but by the very fact this video exists (and nearly got played on MSNBC) it ought to speak volumes about the kind of crap that gets massive attention and the quality kind of youtubes that never reach mass public attention.


Scott Wells said...

Feh. And what's so astute or compelling about pointing a gun at presidential candidate? Or using that film? If someone had done a treatment like that of Obama, I'd be angry.

I think someone's in more in love with the green (jello) screen than the kind of campaign Obama's leading.

Comrade Kevin said...

Truth be told, Scott, as you pointed out well, it's not a particularly clever, nor a particular compelling video.

But, do understand that some of the things I showcase on this blog aren't necessarily things I agree with, nor are particularly of good quality.

What I should have prefaced is that this very nearly got a mention on MSNBC, for what it's worth, which is sad considering how many quality youtubes videos don't make the cut.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for featuring my clip, if only as an example of the decline of western civilization. I'm sorry you didn't find the mashup clever - The Colbert Report did (they told me it was a staff favorite and featured it on the show June 19th) as well as the large majority of YouTube's denizens. But I would't trust the YouTube population.

But 2 questions: 1) What's more compelling than a mexican standoff? and 2) Where did you hear it was almost featured on MSNBC?

I do implore you to watch the original scene from Pulp Fiction and then go back to Pulp McCain. It was a pretty drastic re-edit. It should also be pointed out that Sam Jackson's death stare is 100 times scarier than that gun. I'm in the process of making more reprehensible entries for the Colbert green screen challenge. I look forward to disappointing you again soon.

Comrade Kevin said...

The premise is clever, yes, but pointing a gun at any elected official, even in good fun is kind of pushing it.

It's slightly amusing, but this kind of stuff can easily be used as evidence that Obama supporters really do wish harm to come to McCain.

Comrade Kevin said...

And to answer your second question:

MSNBC has had a habit of showing a few creative youtube campaign-themed videos at around 3:45-3:50 central time right before the first showing of Hardball, and I remember one of the anchors saying that while they wanted to run it, the bad language and the controversial nature of the clip kept them from doing so.

Anonymous said...

I do understand the threat of appearing to wish harm on McCain. But most people did take it for what it was, thank god. And to be honest, I kind of felt like pushing it. Seemed like the kind of ideal Colbert would appreciate. :)