Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Song

Sloan have always been one of my favorite, most beloved groups of all time. This largely overlooked Canadian four-piece has consistently recorded perfect power pop songs and released several albums that due to the strength of their content hold up well to repeated listens. The band features clever lyrics, skillful song craft, and consummate musicianship. Kudos to any group where all members write their own material and play more than one instrument. An appropriate analogy might be that of a latter-day Badfinger.

Sloan had the misfortune to form during the heyday of grunge; the success of that genre largely overshadowed the band's throwback melodic rock. They have achieved cult audience in the United States and have a devoted core audience in their native land. This song, "Money City Maniacs", is a standout track from their 1998 album Navy Blues.

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