Sunday, January 27, 2008


May it be known now that interacting with people can be both incredibly rewarding and extremely emotionally and psychologically taxing. I never doubt my motivation for limiting my interactions with people to a manageable level. Introverts like yours truly find themselves absolutely drained when being surrounded by people. 10 opinionated, passionate Quakers + 11,000 screaming people at today's Obama rally = exhausted Comrade Kevin. Combine 1 jilted ex-girlfriend with jilted ex-girlfriend's controlling BFF and this adds a super extra intense component to the mix. Hell hath no fury, readership, even when fury hath no justification.

As of this instant I am too tired to put something extended up on this here blog, so I include the below video as a means to fill up space. Instead of ending on a dismal note please note that the message of this song emphasizes the greater meaning behind everything I went through today.


joshhill1021 said...

I am sorry to hear you had a rough day. I hear you on the 11,000 screaming people, that would have pushed me over the edge as well. but the song was great as usual, thank you for sharing your talent with those of us who are not as musically talented as yourself.

Comrade Kevin said...

Thank you, Boxer!

Don't sell yourself short, m'friend. You have many talents yourself. :-)

I can still hear the screaming!


chris said...

yay!!!! a Beatles song!!

and I came here looking or a recap of Obamapalooza. I've already heard he was great. who knew there were 11,000 progressives in alabama? where do they hide?

Comrade Kevin said...

He did a great job, Chris, and if the rest of the country could have heard it, the Clinton(s) wouldn't stand a chance.

He was funny, articulate, and addressed most of the concerns that had been raised by pundits, politicians, and people alike.

And he made a point to seem hopeful, yet not naive.

Dr. Zaius said...

That's great! You are really a remarkable musician.