Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hillary Clinton is an Android!

This is for those of you who didn't catch The Daily Show earlier this week.

What sticks out most to me about this clip is how Bob Schieffer reacts to Hillary's laughter. His discomfort is very telling. I doubt whomever told Mrs. Clinton that she needed to come across as warm and personable counted on this kind of visceral response. Does this sort of behavior surprise anyone? Here is proof-positive why I don't like Hillary.

I fully expect her to be her party's nominee for President, which would make her another in a long series of robotic Democratic presidential candidates.





Anonymous said...

These guys have no intention of winning, from Dukakis to Gore to Kerry, in my opinion. It was particularly obvious with Kerry; his anemic reponse to the Swifty Smear, his failure to knock Bush out in the debates when he had him gasping on the ropes, his failure to pursue the election manipulations in Ohio: he acted like a palooka.

There's only one party in Amerika: the Oligarchic Party. We need a second one if the Republic and the Democracy are to have one last shot at resurgence.

Distributorcap said...

the more natural she tries to be, the more phony she looks

there is not one iota of reality to this woman

i give her she is smart, but she is a panderer to the nth degree, talks in circles and i friggin dont want 24 years of bush/clinton