Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I'm Not Going

Yesterday I promised that I would explain why I have decided not to revisit my High School Class of 1999 by way of the reunion. Here it is.

These days, every function or event has its own corresponding Facebook page. So it is with my 10th High School Reunion which will be held in early August. The intent of the page was for people to confirm their attendance, indicating whether or not they attended to show up by clicking on the corresponding radial button. Of a class of nearly 700, roughly half confirmed that they would be there. Of those 350 souls, I made a point to investigate their profiles, pictures, and commentary.

I found myself not particularly enthused by what I read. No one all that interesting or compelling jumped out at me. Instead I observed the same kind of dull, unsubstantial conformity that confirmed why I never had any desire to befriend most of these people back in the day. High school was not an especially happy time of my life to begin with, so feigning interest with people who I feigned interest with back then does not excite me. I wouldn't be miserable. Instead I would be thoroughly bored.

In particular, the following statistics made the decision for me. Of my fellow classmates, I observed that

  • 80% of them were married
  • 60-70% self-identified as Conservative Christian
  • 40-50% had children
  • 60% went to Auburn University for undergraduate
I have to say that I'm batting 0 for 4 there. Those of you who understand what it's like to be the square peg will understand my plight. Back then, I felt resentful and full of scorn. These days, I have to say that I just don't understand. I don't understand people like that and I suppose I never will. I don't understand their political convictions, their interpersonal relationships, their faith traditions, and their cheerful willingness to procreate. So no, I'm not going. And in the process, I'll save $100.


Utah Savage said...

I'm entirely sympathetic. I have managed to avoid even the invitations by skipping that all important graduation date which triggers a list for the organizers of this nightmare events to start bugging the graduated to return to the scene of the crime. I count myself very lucky. I hated them all at the time, and know I would hate them all even more now.

Utah Savage said...

As my favorite season of the years arrives, I think I might be slipping into a depression.

Liberality said...

I don't go to any of my reunions either. Even hubby had to go to his without me. I'm not a social butterfly I guess.

PENolan said...

Thank G*d you don't understand those people. Really.