Friday, April 03, 2009

While On the Job Search, I Encountered This...

Yoga Studio Seeks Mary/Marty Poppins

Are you a punctual, morning person who wears a smile on your face and would enjoy greeting and hosting Flow’s morning yoga students? Are you a neat-nik who feels more comfortable actively battling dust bunnies than watching them multiply? Are you comfortable assisting in an office environment – moving gracefully between computer work and small errands?

And do you have a brimming love for children (esp. newborns) and experience caring for them, inspired by the likes of Mary Poppins – including the sweet lullabies and the spoonful-of-sugar-accompanied life lessons.


No. I don't.

1 comment:

Jerome said...

Whoa, that was some listing. The job description makes the job sound totally unbearable (especially the part about babies...). I've also never understood people who wake up at the crack of dawn with a smile, ready to start their day (I'm more of a drag myself out of bed in the late morning/early afternoon and drink an entire pot of coffee to wake up kind of guy). Anyone who would reply to a job listing by an agency actively seeking someone who is Mary Poppins-esque probably deserves to work there...