Thursday, April 30, 2009


A conversation with a fellow Friend, poking fun at a few well-deserved targets.

I've dreamed up some folk-song lyrics for lefties:
(strum a guitar and sing:)

When humankind is truly free/
everyone will agree with me.

Brother, you can come around our commune and eat our food anytime you want to. Keep feeding each other, children!

Except then everyone complains

"I only eat organic WILD rice!"

"This is organic WHITE rice."

*continues singing*

"Everyone will believe as I do one day."

It's an authoritarian view, but an unconscious one. Mistaken for liberatory and peace-y justice-y.

And we all do it sometimes.

Social justice. I know better so you don't have to.

Let me set you free, people!
Why don't you let me set you free?
What's the matter with you?
Why are you opposing your own liberation?
… And at this point, we sound exactly like US soldiers in Iraq

On the ground, Ahmed! We're liberating your country!

See, this is what we call a rationalization, children.
People believe in a concept called "free will"

Can you say Rationalization?

Sure! I knew you could.

But you notice that there's a word there next to "will"


as in, "you get to decide for yourself what to believe"

and the government can't make you believe otherwise.

now, they try, but
oh, you're a bit too young for THAT discussion.

remember, Rationalization.


I knew you could.


Utah Savage said...

I can see the lyrics expanding to include more and more examples of liberal brainwashing techniques. But this is highly offensive to me as I am a left wing progressive, pro labor pro choice anti death penalty feminist liberal. I did laugh, but it made me feel dirty.

Comrade Kevin said...

I'm all the same things you are, Utah. I wish you wouldn't feel dirty. You're the sort of person who gets it and doesn't fall into the category of cultural stereotype.

Sometimes people jump aboard bandwagons for all the wrong reasons. Or they have strong political opinions without fully understanding them.