Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greetings from Siberia!

As I write this to you roughly as of 9:30 am local time, the phrases white-out, blowing snow, and blizzard conditions would be apt descriptions. Likewise, I estimate 8 inches of new snow is on the ground, though it is difficult to say for sure because the winds are howling so hard that visibility is almost nil.

Since most of my posts have a political focus, and since this entire city has largely been at a standstill for the whole week, I really have nothing to say today. I'm mainly hoping I don't lose power.

Take care, everyone! Once everything returns to normal, I'll be back to my usual loquacious self.


Mauigirl said...

We're getting it today too. As our local blog,, put it, "Wednesday has been cancelled." It's kind of nice for us since we didn't get the last storm. Not so good for those who did!

Gail said...


the same storm is swirling about here - over a foot expected. Your pictures are great! wow. And, I look forward to your political writing return so I can accurately be made aware of the on going situations. I don't comment on your writings, I feel quite inept to do so actually.

I hope you don't lose powere, and I hope we don't either. Here, when the power goes out we lose heat AND water - so we can't flush the toilets. We have the wood stove for heat and we have five gallon containers w/water for the toilets. Good Lord.

Love to you