Monday, March 22, 2010

People Can Be Fickle

I find it amusing, to say the least, to discover that many of the liberal bloggers who were cursing President Obama's name yesterday have resumed singing his praises. One even posted on how Obama was now the "Best President Ever", which is very much jumping the gun, at least to these eyes. Health Care Reform certainly a major accomplishment for anyone, or for that matter, any President, but one legislative success is merely a drop in the bucket compared to everything that needs to be done. So much promise has given way to stalemate and disenchantment, and many resort to hyperbole when restraint would be better served, but such is the way that humanity treats all leaders. Expect nothing less.

In Christian circles, a prevailing philosophy is that if anyone is to mirror their lives after Jesus, then he or she ought to expect similar treatment. I don't mean death on a cross but I do mean an understanding that, metaphorically speaking, the same people screaming Hosanna to the Highest on Sunday will be the very ones screaming "Crucify! Crucify!" by Friday. I don't wish to burst anyone's balloon, and we have every right to celebrate today, even with our reservations that the bill signed into law doesn't go far enough. I am not criticizing the committed, but I am pointing a finger at those who have no sense of proper proportion and act like fair-weather fans.


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Anonymous said...
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Fran Langum / Blue Gal said...

You're right. And then they go after folks who aren't "liberal" enough. Like there's a test.

The passage of this bill is a good thing. Is the bill perfect? Far from it. Are the politicians serving the people over every special interest? Please.