Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Poem and the Story Behind It

I'm still crossing off things to do from my to-do list. I hope I get the chance to put together something substantive later in the week.

This poem was written about an ex-girlfriend who was a raging alcoholic. Though not much of a drinker myself, I went out with her every evening and imbibed more than I ever would have ordinarily. It also talks about the kind of observations one notices about a significant other but doesn't dare point out to his/her face.


I saw something of myself in you
Too much, in fact

The way you preened
before a mirror
talked a little too loudly

Projectile vomited
your life story
in the direction
of anyone within earshot

They only rolled their eyes
clucked their tongues
make circular motions
around their temples

when you weren’t looking

I tried not to notice

the intoxicated swagger
you seemed to mistake
for self-confidence

I never pointed out
the brightly lit stage
you strode upon

was held up by
contradiction and condescension

I knew
that myths and fairy tales
kept your heart beating

Thus I wasn’t surprised
to find the death
of your last panacea

covered in your own blood

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