Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stay Away from Robert Mitchum

I love the absurdity of this song and the social commentary imbedded within. My own sense of humor has always reflected a sense of the creatively ridiculous. The backing vocals are quite clever, too. March was influenced by the largely French yé-yé pop movement of the early 1960's.

By April March


Stay away from Robert Mitchum
I see you want to woo him
Yet star of screen is spoken

(Chances she has
are remote)

Stay away from Robert Mitchum
Do not to try to charm him
Of whom you speak is mine

(She has this deal
that he signed)

I've become a fixture
at the wax house

So excited I began to cry
Someone stood in my stead
in front of him

And out burst my reply

"Keep your grubby hands
off Mitchum

He's rugged and he's handsome
and spurns the likes of you"

(Touch him and you
will be through)

If you fancy Robert Mitchum
If he wasn't acting
you'd scrap your tawdry wares

(She wears the clothes
that he wears)

When I read the plaque
up at the wax house

At the candle that
they call a man

I know he's a one-woman
straight-arrow lover

Who will turn you down
but fast as he wont to do

I see it in his eyes
As he begins to move
and turns to me to say

Stay away from Robert Mitchum
Stay away from Robert Mitchum

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