Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Shameless Self-Promotion

I am sometimes disinclined to fully promote myself, but I'll go against my instincts here.

From the book's website:

Praise for the Book

Amazing Gifts is a rare book. Many of the stories in it brought a tear to my eye, a smile to my lips, and buoyed my heart with examples of the creativity and goodness of people. Above all, it is practical book offering concrete examples of how we all benefit from making our religious communities more inclusive and how any one of us can take effective action for inclusiveness.”
Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Director Social Justice Organizing Program, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

“This is a remarkable book, as practical as it is inspirational! As a local church pastor, I need to learn from the examples of other faith communities and the personal stories of inclusion. Thank you for touching my ministry and heart with a guidebook on real love in action!”
Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor, Northland—A Church Distributed

Below is a link to the book. Should you wish to purchase it, there are three separate e-book options from which to choose. Or, you can buy the old-fashioned type.


To learn more about the author, follow this link.


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