Friday, May 13, 2011

Something Different for Friday

This poem was written very informally as a means to apply to a contest. It does contain some inside references that only those who regularly view the Young Adult Feminist website Feministing will likely get, but I think most of it is comprehensible. I want to underscore that the content is not to be taken literally. I decided to take on the persona of a disgruntled anti-feminist. Beginning with a pun on the website's real name, I ran with the whole notion of anthropomorphized bee behavior.


Feminist sting

welcome to the hive
the hum of activity and worker bees

for a time I myself
circled round and round

drones like me are
all buzz and no follow through


months later I realized
I was, in fact,
a rare cross-breed

my role is still uncertain
Do I pollinate or do I make honey?

I never was much
for scaring away

Gender roles are
such a drag

This hive confuses me
Who is the Queen?
Are these Italian bees?

Back in my day
drones were drones

The Queen got waited on

Then, of course,
her children started getting divorced

It's a shame to see a hive divided

The Great Bee played a cruel trick
so I hide in the shadows

avoiding the impotent drones
and the fussy workers

One day I'll kick this hive
just you wait.

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