Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Friendly Game

In between dessert and departure
are meaningful, hesitant glances
across the table

Presented with thousand stories
of wishful thinking
and occasional certitude

The summary and analysis
provides an excellent examination of
major and minor characters
with underdeveloped relationships

Those unfamiliar with the rules
Scarcely notice the game underway
Cat once, mouse next, repeat
Egalitarian enough

You first, then me
On equal footing
a game of upping the ante

I see you
I raise you five seconds

You raise me five seconds
daring me to tip my hand

Calling your bluff then
attending to my dining companion

For a time
You act likewise

The game resumes
getting away with something
as we get away from someone

time for leaving
my hands reach

round your waist

do we shuffle
do we deal

whose hand is

-29 May 2011

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