Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Posting Delay

Posting will be later than normal today, because I'm being forced to vacate the apartment in an hour and a half. I have few qualms with this place, beyond the minuscule size of the kitchen, but a large one is how frequently the entire building must be sprayed for cockroaches.

Living in a section of town where one is surrounded by restaurants means that food and food residue is everywhere. It's unavoidable, much like the sound of used wine bottles being tossed into dumpsters around 9 pm every day, which make a resolute clinking and crushing sound. However, it also means that the entire contents of the kitchen must be loaded into boxes and moved into the living room on a regular basis. They can't spray counters, floors, and cabinets otherwise. I am not exactly a fan of the labor that goes into this, especially not once every two weeks, which is one of the drawbacks of approaching warm weather. I'm a big proponent of minimal bugs, which is one of the reasons I have ambivalent attitudes towards Spring.

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CeeJay said...

Sounds like a lot of work,but I hate bugs!