Thursday, November 18, 2010

If There is a Next Time, If There is a Next Time

I hadn't used the multi-track recorder in a while, so I decided to opt for it today rather than make a YouTube video as is ordinarily the case for me.

Posted below is the oldest song I still actively play. Most of my first songwriting efforts were long ago retired. This is due in large part to the pain of being reminded how I was in an earlier time. From the vantage point of seven or eight years, my early twenties could not be farther removed. The lyrical subject is simple enough. It's a retelling of an on-again, off-again, relationship I had with a woman I dated for several years. Though we had our disagreements we still stay in touch fairly regularly. Interestingly enough, she finds the songwriting inspiration flattering, no matter how sarcastic the lyrics might be, and has even referred to them affectionately during conversation.

I've kept playing the song even now because the melody is catchy and the lyrics are simple enough that I can subtly modify them if I am feeling bored. At its core, the song is a sort of country rock swing, which lends itself well to shifts in tempo. This version, in particular, is played a bit slower than originally written and has evolved considerably over time.

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