Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gay Jihadist?

Open Letter on Embedded Blogger Mark Sanchez

This is when the far right makes me sick.

Conservative ex-marine reactionary activist Matt Sanchez, a darling of the right-wing blogosphere, was recently revealed as having starred in gay pornography. Left-wing bloggers pointed out the hypocrisy of a soldier who fought in combat, yet could have been dishonorably discharged had he come clean with his past under Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The right wing blogosphere lept to his defense, claiming that he shouldn't be unduly persecuted for his private life and conduct. I find that immensely amusing, considering many of these same right wing bloggers were probably calling for the head of President Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearings.

Now Sanchez has come out, pardon the pun, stating that LGBT activists are gay jihadists. This angers me severely because as Nate Nelson points out, quite aptly, it renders the term "jihadist" as merely an epithet: no more, no less. Sanchez, to add injury to insult, calls the "militant gay movement" shallow. Furthermore, he claims that the movement is a threat to Mom, God, and Apple Pie. This is totally inexcusable hate-mongering to the worst degree.

I have a few bones to pick with that analysis. Shallow? No more shallow than the rest of the country, which comprised overwhelmingly by heterosexuals seems to want to often do its best imitation of a cow chewing cud, placated by material goods and technology. While I agree that militancy of any form is dangerous, just as anything in its pure form is toxic, I hasten to characterize the entire LGBT rights movement as a threat. And lest I seem to contradict myself, by that statement I mean that we ought to ignore militancy on both the left and the right. I don't at all consider most LGBT activists as militant, but I'm merely referring to the few fringe elements, particularly the "radical outers".

Radicals can be found on either side of the line but if we characterize one side by its extremists, we do ourselves a great disservice. Common ground can easily be found between the right and left if we don't let our mutual fears and worst-case scenarios overwhelm us.

H/T Nate Nelson

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