Thursday, March 15, 2007


(Editor's Note: I had some help with this, which I appreciate. The authoress shall remain unknown as of the moment until I formulate some sort of pseudonym for her)


Moved from authentic mediocrity
to genuinely existential
newly minted coinage

I took off
the journey was fierce
the waffle houses frequent

and promptly
put the wheel
upon the train

stumbling from the path
of righteousness

onto an effigy for entitlement

cardboard poster book condos
slammed up next to yesterday's
real estate

Isn't Purgatory full of poverty?
You'd scarcely notice it
It's been beautifully done
It's all congregated in the slum areas


a cult of glittering personalities
egocentric second-rate hustlers
each of them mr. and ms.
nobody from somewhere else.

biding their time
until their number is called

and the conductor
halts the train for
the next stop.

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