Thursday, October 25, 2012

Health Update

This morning I visited my third separate endocrinologist in the DC area. It pleases me greatly to report that I finally received a diagnosis that was in keeping with my symptoms. I only wish the office of the doctor was more accessible to public transportation, as I very deliberately do not own a car. Insurance isn't going to cover as much of the total cost as I would like, but to receive actual answers instead of nothing at all is worth the increased bill.

It has been determined that, indeed, I do have a thyroid condition. The gland itself is very swollen. To determine whether the thyroid gland is under-producing or over-producing hormone, I will undergo a test in two weeks. In keeping with the protocol, I will consume radioactive iodine in pill form, then have its effects measured throughout the day. I must arrive at 8:30 am two days in a row.  

It is believed that my condition is caused by taking high doses of Lithium. Lithium has been extremely effective as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder. I credit it with keeping me out of mania for the last four years. I won't stop taking it, but the hefty daily dose has begun to negatively effect other parts of my body. Side effects like these are unavoidable sometimes, especially with powerful psychotropic medication. The effect on the body, with time, can be an issue.

Keeping this blog regularly updated is a goal I keep for myself every day. Unfortunately, for the duration, fatigue and other side effects have made me too weak to regularly produce content. When I can do it, I will. When I can't, I'll rest. Those are the only choices I have. Thank you, readers, for being patient with me.

I'm fast approaching the end of the book, but may need to delay my end date by a few weeks. Being effectively treated is the highest priority I now hold for myself.

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