Friday, June 08, 2012


I haven't written a poem in months, but wanted to give it a try. I suspect I'll probably revise this considerably, but this seems like a good first draft.



Soaking wet
but satiated

Two sets of
two glazed eyes
deliberately present
in a steady downpour

the railings

Peering downward
to the station below

Trains demarcate

Street signs
copy locomotive direction
north or south
east or west

coming or going

We peer over
resting our arms
standing side by side
on a bridge

Bearing the name of a
deceased truck driver
whose rig caught fire

Melting and destroying
the iron supports

At the aqueduct
a few blocks away

a man once plummeted
to his death
sixty years ago
A departing train
hauling coal

Builds momentum
nearly blinded by the
strong artificial floodlights

The sound of saturation
discarded wet clothes slapping
against ancient floorboards

Traincars easing towards
unknown destinations

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Omnipotent Poobah said...

You're clearly a gifted poet. TYhanks for the great read.